Ranchers Promote “Meat In Day” March 20

Ranchers and agriculture advocates are fighting back in response to Colorado governor Jared Polis’ declared “Meat Out Day” for March 20, which encourages state residents to skip meat for a day.

In a rapidly developing state, beef is still Colorado’s largest export–responsible for billions of dollars in the state economy. Governor Polis’ action is an attack on the 170,000 Coloradans who work in the beef industry. The Colorado Cattleman’s Association, over two dozen Colorado counties, and neighboring states Wyoming, Nebraska, and Montana pledged to celebrate “Meat In Day” on March 20 in protest.

The United States cattle industry constitutes a mere 3.7% of all nationwide greenhouse gas emissions, and it is an effective tool for land management and carbon sequestration. Cattle generate 19% more protein than they consume and turn their diet, 90% of which is inedible to humans, into a vitamin-packed healthy protein source.

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