• Grant Golliher is a horse trainer, author, and speaker. He owns and operates Diamond Cross Ranch outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he hosts corporate events drawing leadership lessons from horse training. Grant was kind enough to share with us some of the lessons about leadership he teaches through training horses.

  • New hunter numbers increased in 2020, reversing a decades-long declining trend. “We haven’t seen these trends before. More millennials, more younger-generation people, more people of color, women are embracing hunter and field-to-table movements, filling their freezers with fresh meat, embracing safety and self-resiliency,” Chris Metz, the CEO of Vista Outdoors, told FOX

Dublin Declaration: Over 1000 Scientists Defend Livestock


Over 1000 scientists have signed a declaration asserting the importance of animal agriculture in protest of plant-based proselytizing. Meat and dairy products are ancient food sources, part of the human diet since cave renderings. Human history is interwoven with animal husbandry as sustainer and driving force, from the fermented dairy cultures of Mongolia to the

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